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How Good Is 'Doing Good'?

Volunteerism is at an all-time high. From Obama and Oprah to unemployment and shrinking dollars for philanthropy, the United States is witnessing historic interest in volunteerism. This phenomena has been referred to as the ‘push and pull’ effect. The… Continue

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Feel free to share with me your CSR or PR experience :D

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Sigo sin entender por qué se ven imágenes como las de la guerra en Sri Lanka

Estoy viendo CNN para enterarme un poco de lo que pasa en el mundo, pues en medio de las actividades diarias, hay días en que no saco 15 minutos de mi tiempo para que me importe lo suficiente el resto de la humanidad y conozca los hechos más importantes del día. Así que me dispongo a quitarme el sentimiento de culpabilidad.

Esta situación puede ser la noticia de cualquier parte del mundo, en este caso es de Sri Lanka. De pronto aparecen imágenes de lo que es, en el mes de abril, el… Continue

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I have some 25 years experience of Community Development within the context of Partcipatory Local Governance, including institutional development, community organizing and mobilization, local and nat…

I have some 25 years experience of Community Development within the context of Partcipatory Local Governance, including institutional development, community organizing and mobilization, local and national policy reform and livelihoods development and of working with faith-based organizations. For ten years I had primary responsibility, within an international NGO, for managing, developing, maintaining and supporting country programmes and partnerships with an average annual internal budget of… Continue

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Whining About Wages From Wall Street

It is difficult to be sympathetic to the cries from Wall Street regarding salary caps. What makes me more troubled is that any conversation on the topic appears not only reductivist, but also incomplete. How can a company that lost money pay out a bonus? In the businesses I work, mostly small business, it is the profits that are shared with bonuses. If there are no profits, where are these institutions getting the capital to pay a bonus? And, upon what basis are they making their decisions for… Continue

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Parenting for the Future

My Wife & I are on our 42nd year of marriage. We have been blessed with 3 Sons - 41, 39, 25 yrs old. While our Eldest is a graduate of Electronics & Communications Engineering (ECE) at Don Bosco College, he pursued post graduate studies and finished his Masters in Technical Management (MTM) at the University of the Philippines. Our 2nd Son is a graduate of Liberal Arts (AB - Philosophy) at San Beda College - and is now a fast rising Corporate Executive in the field of SCM-Logistics. Our… Continue

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Finally, help arrives to separate “green” myth from fact with the help of Seventh Generation and the Fine Living Network. On April 22 - earth day 2009 - join environmental activist, advocate and Seventh Generation President Jeffrey Hollender as he separates myth from reality when it comes to the conventional wisdom of green living. “Big Green Lies” airs at 9PM ET/PT, on Fine Living Network.

While many people have adopted small, easy habits to make their lives a little more… Continue

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Trust: Why Business Lost It, And How To Win It Back

What happened? Wall Street, in collusion with institutions around the world, have not only lost our wealth and our jobs, they have stolen our trust. Now we are “left to rely increasingly on governments for the creation of our wealth, something that they have always been conspicuously bad at doing.....Trust is fragile. Like a piece of china, once cracked it is never quite the same. And people's trust in business, and those who… Continue

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Money Holds Back Technology

Why can't they make a car that can't crash?

Why do they make products that are dangerous to our health?

Why isn't everything we own environmentally friendly?

These and other questions can all by answered with the following:

Money holds back technology.

I once thought that the capitalist system drove innovation, that money advanced technology, but that was when I was a lot younger. I hadn't yet seen the system from the inside with my own… Continue

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consulting services

for more information about my new consulting services check out my site over at

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business consulting

My name is daniel molano and I offer business consulting on my blog

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Tweet the Walk


The rise of Twitter and micro-blogging has provided a new space for businesses to address sustainability and ethics. This is an opportunity for both stakepartners to ask for and receive immediate answers and for businesses to communicate their CSR initiatives to a caring and involved audience. Twibs is an excellent tool to single out the most liked and followed businesses on twitter.… Continue

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Technical Consultancy

I am a graduate of Masters in Population Studies in UP Diliman and have been involved with national level projects of UNFPA and USAID as Technical Assistant.

I offer consultancy on Monitoring and Evaluation of programs and projects which includes identification of project indicators, administering surveys, data analysis and interpretation including presentation to stakeholders and program donors.

For clients around SOCSARGEN area only.

Contact me through my… Continue

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Time To Make CSR More Strategic

Time To Make CSR

More Strategic

The current global financial crisis has impacted Corporate Social Responsibility in India adversely. Business houses, trying to restructure their resources, have run the red line through CSR budgets. CSR managers claim that managements have issued instructions to put on hold all new CSR projects. Budgets for many on going projects have also been curtailed. The global financial crisis has helped strengthened the belief that CSR, for most Indian… Continue

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Please vote for us in BusinessWeek contest for America's Most Promising Social Entrepreneurs!

The following is from BusinessWeek online:

Social entrepreneurs—enterprising individuals who apply business practices to solving societal problems such as pollution, poor nutrition, and poverty—are now 30,000 strong and growing, according to B Lab, a nonprofit organization that certifies these purpose-driven companies. Together, they represent some $40 billion in revenue.

Not surprising, then, that they've caught the attention of venture capitalists such as those at Acumen… Continue

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Operation Green Leaves Inc., a non-profit 501 (c ) 3 tax exempt organizations kicks-off its 2009 Capital Campaign.

Operation Green Leaves' mission is Environmental Education, Ecological Restoration and the Reforestation of the Island Nation of Haiti. We need your help to provide the much needed support for our reforestation projects in Haiti and our Hands-on Environmental Education projects both in Florida and Haiti. Operation Green Leaves was created in 1991 to address the critical… Continue

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Can Social Responsibility Save Us? Just One More Thing for All Our Future

Social responsibility is a hot topic these days. But are we serious about it? In popular thinking it vaguely refers to playing nice and supporting worthy causes whenever we can. It’s a justified expense. Business leaders promote social responsibility as having a brand “halo” effect that produces warm and fuzzy feelings about their company. After all, it’s supposed to help corporate reputations or soften up regulators. Social responsibility with a megaphone is called cause marketing. That’s when… Continue

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Making Development Fair - a course on Equity and Inclusion

At the moment I'm working on a day-long course to look into the issues surrounding Equity and Inclusion in International Development - who is getting missed out and why are they not getting reached? EWB-UK will be running this course in Nottingham, UK on 2nd May and it looks to be a very interesting and throught-provoking workshop. If you are interested in attending then go to

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Values behind the Profits

I had a call last night from a person interviewing with a consultant company. I used to work for that company. The company offered a framework for organizations to grow their profitability.

I asked her two questions:

Does the company live by what they teach?

What are the values behind the framework for achieving profits?

My story is that it's always about the behavior of people, not the beliefs they espouse, the conversations they have, or the articles they… Continue

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CSR in West & East Europe

In the last days I started to think on the possible relation of management type of multinational companies and the presence or lack of CSR programs. As a supposition: multinational companies with a Russian or Ukrainian, and other former soviet countries origin are less familiar with the idea of social responsibility, than multinationals from West Europe. What do you think about this?

I also would like to address a few questions to those who live in a country, where the… Continue

Added by Daniel A. Tovisi on April 14, 2009 at 7:01pm — 2 Comments

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