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Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget - Assess its comprehensiveness and identify unreported extra-budgetary fiscal activity

Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget 

Accra, Ghana March 28 2013 - Idilmat is pleased to announce the next session of its three-day professional development workshop - "Understanding and Analysing the Government's Budget".  This course aims at providing participants with an understanding of the central government budget and provides a framework to…


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SAP Showcases Business Benefits Of Integrated Reporting

On Monday March 25, global software provider SAP released its first Integrated Report. The firm has released a separate Sustainability Report since 2007 but took this a step further in 2013 by integrating the Annual Report and the Sustainability Report into one online document. Verdantix attended an online session hosted by Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer, and Christoph Hutten, Chief Accounting Officer, to launch the…


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For Non-Profits Seeking Funding, Remember the Power of One

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), over 1.5 million non-profits are registered in the U.S.  While many of them receive assistance through corporate philanthropy and…


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Will Deep-Sea Mining Resolve Resource Scarcity Challenges?

Deep-sea mining is not a new concept, but it’s gaining international attention thanks to both its potential rewards, and uncertain risks. The United Nations (UN) has described the scale of mineral deposits in the world’s oceans as ‘staggering’ and with mineral commodities gaining value, the seabed makes for a tempting opportunity. On January 11, 2013, the US federal agency the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimated that there are nearly 20 million tonnes of gold in…


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Plans in Zermatt to discuss how CSR ethics and sustainability rather than profit can drive business practices

The Zermatt Summit has been held for the past 3 years on topics such as "The Common Good" and "Servant Leadership" and has hosted speakers such as Hernando de Soto and Manfred Max-Neef.

This year the agenda of the 2013 edition of the Zermatt Summit (June 20&21) is set around four orientations on the theme: Business & NGOs: Building partnerships of winners

  • The trends and…

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Call for Session Proposals and Registration Now Open for Making Cents’ 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference

Making Cents International invites you to share your experience and expertise by submitting a proposal to lead a workshop-style technical session at the 2013 Global Youth Economic Opportunities Conference. The conference will take place September 10-12, 2013 at the Inter-American Development Bank’s Conference Center in Washington, DC. Share your lessons learned, promising practices, and innovative ideas in one or more of the following learning tracks: workforce development; gender;…


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"Whats your social resolution"

Palo Alto, Meet Guadalajara:

How HP cut across international and technological barriers to deliver powerful pro bono. 

HP has thousands of highly qualified project managers in every corner of the world. They are experts at distilling the complex needs of their clients into implementable project scopes.

HP also boasts…


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ROI - beginning and middle long before an end

Return on investment (ROI) is being is discussed in the executive suites of organisations more than ever before.  And a number of CEO’s of major companies have received their marching orders recently because ROI failed to meet expectations of the board and shareholders.

ROI, as in return on investment. is an outcome, an end.

Focusing on outcomes such as profit and return to shareholders is short term thinking mostly and usually leads to less than possible…


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Priceless: Volunteers Bring Financial Literacy to the Masses

Financial know-how is one of our nation’s most pressing issues. Efforts to support financial literacy already exist — including programs from banks, brokerage houses, technology firms, professional services companies and from at least 13 states which…


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Meet nonprofit consultant bill carlson

Meet Bill. As a 4-time Taproot pro bono consultant, he's "helping people who know how to help people" and having a pretty good time along the way.

Check out Taproot's first pro bono consultant profile to get to know Bill and pick up some very handy pointers for your next project!




As a marketing…


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Rescue Attempts For The EU Emissions Trading System Are Falling Short

Since 2009 the price of carbon emission allowances in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has been so low that the market mechanism is largely ineffective: in 2006, an allowance cost €30 ($40) per metric tonne of CO2 (tCO2), compared to around €5 ($7)/tCO2 today. In an attempt to increase prices, on February 19th 2013, the EU Environment Committee voted by 38 votes to 25 to withhold the release of 900m tonnes of carbon allowances, which were due for release in 2013-2015.



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It is with great pleasure that I can now launch this worldwide concert with The Berliner Philharmoniker / Berlin Philharmonic Camerata and piano soloist Sabrina Lanzi, Italy with the following progra…

It is with great pleasure that I can now launch this worldwide concert with The Berliner Philharmoniker / Berlin Philharmonic Camerata and piano soloist Sabrina Lanzi, Italy with the following program:…


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Some personal reflections on unleashing employee talent - my short interview with Paul Lange

I was honoured recently to be interviewed by Blue Ocean Strategist Paul Lange about changing what’s normal and the Enhancing Their Gifts System of which Paul is an accredited mentor.

Please grab your favourite beverage before watching the 20 minute video here.

Be the difference you want to see in the world.

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Green Living

Checking out at the store, the young cashier suggested to the older woman that she should have brought her own shopping bags because plastic bags weren’t good for the environment and we should practice ‘green living’ wherever possible.…


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Use the Maturity Model to start a discussion about Responsible Procurement Management

When meeting with potential clients, CPO’s and CSR Managers, I bring my tool:The maturity Model. To me it is a great way to start a discussion about a company’s approach to Responsible Procurement Management.

At the same time it is also a great way to get a discussion about what other companies do and what specifically can be done short term or long term to…


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Causecast Partners with White House Campaign to Inspire Girls in STEM

Women have gained so much ground over the past fifty years that it can often seem that they’ve arrived at a place of equal opportunity.

They haven’t. 

Today, less than five percent of the world’s heads of state are women, and women make up just nineteen percent of representatives in parliaments worldwide. Despite producing more than forty…


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Clean Jobs Index Lists More Than 103,000 U.S. Jobs that Correlate with Ecotech Institute’s Programs

Ecotech Institute, the first and only college focused entirely on jobs training in sustainability, is nearing its three-year anniversary, celebrating a growing student body and an incredible network of alumni. Ecotech Institute educates the future cleantech workforce, so it’s continuously monitoring the changing…


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Without Positive Macro Drivers, Sustainability Has To Live Off Scraps

When will the ‘sustainability market’ take off? It’s a question we get asked all the time at Verdantix. To answer it, we speak to global budget holders and build country-level models to forecast corporate investment trends. Our surveys and models point to a sobering conclusion: corporate sustainability spending in most countries, both developed and emerging, will grow in the mid-single digit range for the next three years. So what is happening to sustainability budgets? Right now, there is…


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One planet living

I participated in a great workshop recently conducted by One Planet Living and the Bio Regional organisations.


I love One Planet Living's 10 principles.



Be the difference you want to see in the…


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Nominate an innovative programme in nutrition, water, or rural development for the Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value till 31 March

Help your programme scale up! We are looking to invest in social change by helping innovative, commercially viable, and high impact initiatives achieve social scale and financial sustainability.

The winning entry will benefit from financial support of up to CHF 500,000 (approx. USD 530,000).

Specific fields of activity include, but are not limited to: agriculture, including extension services and use of new technologies; food science and technology; nutrition education…


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