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2012 VolunteerMatch Corporate Volunteer Awards: A Look at Finalist Nationwide


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Rio+20? Will It Make A Difference To Sustainable Development?

Rio+20, do you think?

"When I look ahead at Rio and beyond, it seems to me that our scarcest resource is time", says Lester Brown, president at the Earth Policy Institute.

"What we're actually looking at is a race between tipping points, between natural, environmental tipping points on the one hand and political tipping points on the other."

David Suzuki, founder of David Suzuki Foundation, mirrors Brown, calling for urgent action against "the crisis of our…


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Leveraging Business to Solve Society's Most Vexing Problems


In CSC's latest CR Quarterly Update, Susan Pullin, Vice President of Corporate Responsibility, talks about how strategic philanthropy and CSC's community engagement efforts. View the full article, here:…


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China At Your Doorstep

Interesting article in Forbes about working conditions in the US. China at your doorstep. After Apple and Foxconn, obviously the topic got pushed again to the front-page. In the magazine Mother Jones piece, reporter Mac McClelland takes a job in one of the large fulfillment centers for online retailers like Amazon, Staples, Sears, Zappos, Best Buy, and, yes, computer companies like Apple and Dell. She doesn’t announce herself as a journalist, but she uses her real name and job history. She…


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Guest Post: The Role of Business in a Global Society: Progress or Protect?

The concept of 'The Butterfly Effect' explains that even small actions can have far reaching and unintended consequences. This presents a unique problem for businesses operating in a global context because any business working across cultures must face the fact that -- no matter how they conduct their business -- they are going to have some impacts that will cause some stakeholder to question their…


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How to Find a CSR Job in a Big Company


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Sustainability and thriving on the challenges of change are intimately connected

This IBM study has been referred to in recent discussions on LinkedIn about why and how change programs fail and succeed.

The study, that involved 1,130 CEOs, conducted in-depth analysis to determine the characteristics of the Enterprise of the Future.

The study says “80% of CEOs view sustainability as impacting brand value”

and “While 83% of CEOs expect…


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GRI Application Levels: Why Strive for an A?


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Owning Sustainability: The CSO vs. the CEO


Is sustainability best centralized or decentralized? Ellen Weinreb, founder of the sustainability recruiting firm the Weinreb Group, highlights GE as an organization that appoints leaders to run specific initiatives, such as its major ecomagination campaign, but otherwise spreads out responsibility for sustainability performance across its leadership team.…


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2012 Run Walk Ride Fundraising Award Winners Announced

Dedicated volunteers and professional efforts to attract and motivate them are crucial to the success of the runs, walks and rides that raise billions of dollars in the US each year. Awards that honor both parts of that charitable equation are a highlight of the Run Walk Ride Fundraising conference that kicks off here…


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Organic Farming: Ecologic Recycling

Organic farming, is not about using certain products and avoid others, it is to organize the farm in such a way that mimics a natural system completely and independently. This can avoid the external input of pesticides and fertilizers.

“Flor de …


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Business Is The Most Powerful Force For Social Progress

TheGuardian recently published an interesting blog post which I wanted to share. David Cameron put responsible business back at the top of the news agenda last week. He argued at the Business in the Community annual conference that business is "the most powerful force for social progress the world has ever known". He cited BT and Starbucks as examples of companies that…


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SRI Company Ratings - TOP 30 Companies Worldwide

Company Country  ESG   Rating Sector Rating…

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The Path To Sustainability Isn’t Comfortable – And That’s A Good Thing

By John Elkington, CSRWire: You know the feeling. The elevator doors are closing behind you – and you are suddenly alone with someone you have long wanted to meet and influence. How to connect? I have often been encouraged to develop a 20-second elevator pitch, but have always refused. My counter-argument is that if busy people insist on getting all their knowledge in 20-second sound-bites, they are unlikely to be open to the sort of deep conversations that the sustainability agenda…


Added by Caroline Ganun on March 9, 2012 at 4:30am — 3 Comments

CSR And Students - The Way On Sustainability

Forbes: “Finally an internship program that gets corporate sustainability!”. What makes this program unique is the relative ease it offers for companies to begin their sustainability journey by focusing on easier-to-measure energy efficiency initiatives. Like one of the fellows pointed out, you cannot manage what you don’t measure.

Fifty-one MBA students made the cut…


Added by Jane on March 8, 2012 at 10:42pm — 2 Comments

Banorte, a Pioneering Institution in Bringing Impact Investment to Mexico, participates as a sponsor in the 2012 Latin American Forum on Impact Investing

The forum organized by New Ventures Mexico, took place February 13-15 2012 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico bringing together social entrepreneurs, investors, development agencies, foundations, investment funds, academics and major Latin American NGOs. 

For Banorte, as an institution committed to corporate responsibility, it is important to promote initiatives which help to develop and grow  impact investing in Mexico, promoting investment and development that benefits society at…


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How to Work in Someone Else’s Country (A Book Review)

Do you have a colleague that just won’t shut up about the fight he’s having with his sibling over their family's vacation home? Or one who dressed way too provocatively when you were on that field visit last week? What about the person who constantly blames everything that doesn’t go their way on the incapacity or corruption of “the locals”?

We have all worked with these people. Perhaps we have even been these people at times. We didn’t know any better…until we did.…


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Tony Muljadi, Exclusive Justmeans Q&A, Part 2

Don't think a business can make a profit while solving a social problem? Tony Muljadi, co-chair of Harvard's 13th annual Social Enterprise Conference, wants to make you a believer

It's hot. (Just like Jane Chen's Thermopod, a lifesaving, low-cost sleeping bag designed for the developing world that keeps low-birth-weight babies warm even when hospitals lose power.)

It's trendy. (Just like Lauren…


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