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Invitation: Social Media for Nonprofits on 19th February in Mumbai

The NASSCOM Foundation, in partnership with Microsoft would like to invite you to Social Media for Nonprofits, one day workshop for NGO participants to learn social media skills from experts in the industry on 19th February 2013.
Social media has dramatically changed the way non-profit organizations communicate with supporters and donors. Microsoft and NASSCOM Foundation presents you with this opportunity to gain practical knowledge about how to successfully launch and maintain…

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The Next Wave in Sustainable Business Practices

We’ve Got to make a shift! The news that we will surpass 4 degrees in global temperature is dire news. How do you feel with a 4 degree temperature, that’s 102 degrees? Life cannot sustain that. We ALL live in a fairly narrow temperature band.

As critical as removing carbon is, there is more than one way to skin a cat…the use of biochar is very promising! This is an example of reframing problem from energy to carbon reduction.…


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Article on "What Social Sector Needs to learn from Private Sector"

Please find article at

looking forward to your views.


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The Power of No

Imagine not being able to turn away from a problem that you see in this world. You are compelled by a sense of responsibility, passion, and the audacity to believe that you can do something about that problem. You have decided to take the leap and start an organization, an initiative, or a social enterprise.

To do so, you of course need resources. You don’t have them. You have to ask those with money to invest in you.

Imagine sitting across the table from a potential donor,…


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Leading From Love: The attentiveness that brought accountability

A guest post on by Rajasvini Bhansali

It had been six months since I started my new role as a management advisor for a network of youth polytechnics[1] in rural Kenya. The Wakamba village elders in Maseki village where I lived had named me Mutanu meaning “one who smiles a lot.” My career, coursework, and …


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The Hard, Simple, and Joyfulness of Great Work

A few years ago my wife and I completed the restoration of a 100 year old property that took us several years part time.  We cried as our friends and family shared the joy of the finished product.  It was amazing to see the old house with a fresh coat of paint they said. 

What was unmentioned was the untold hours of back breaking work and the preparation to get ready to put on the finishing touches of a coat of paint on that made our home look so grand.

All great work…


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Are You Looking at Sweden?

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and Green, all at once! Market observers tend to look to Sweden as a CSR success case, thanks in no small part to the government playing an active role in coordinating Corporate social responsibility policies and integrating them into trade and foreign policy strategies.

Late last month Chile's economy…


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Communicating the ‘Sustainability’ Message

Are you sustainable? Does anyone know about your sustainable development ? Does anyone care about your sustainability ?

One of the biggest challenges that sustainable companies face is effectively communicating to people that they are, in fact, sustainable.  If you’re sustainable, tell somebody. People, customers and clients, in particular, do care about your…


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You are invited to enjoy an excerpt from my book “Power through Collaboration: When to Collaborate, Negotiate, or Dominate!” that is featured at

Excerpt title:    "Preventing Failure at the Brink of Success Syndrome"


Book Title:       “Power through Collaboration: When to Collaborate, Negotiate, or Dominate!”


Available at:   …


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5 Star Amazon Review for "Power through Collaboration: When to Collaborate, Negotiate, or Dominate!"

Update:   I am happy to report that my book “Power through Collaboration: When to Collaborate, Negotiate, or Dominate!” has received a 5 star Amazon review by a reader which you can read at:…


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The New Normal or is it really the same old stuff repackaged?

I see a lot of stuff on the web (particularly social media) about the new normal.  I even saw the phrase ‘The New Normal’ in my local newspaper yesterday in an article about interest rates! Not another buzz word I thought.

Most references to the new normal look to me usually! as the same old sh.. repackaged.

Changing what’s normal, particularly when normal (the status quo) no longer serves humanity, is another thing altogether.

The following line from Seth Godin…


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NASSCOM Foundation: Survey on Social Media for NGOs

Dear Friends,

NASSCOM Foundation is carrying out a survey to understand the usage of Social Media among NGOs in India. Your responses will help us create a training program based on your needs.

In addition to allowing us to make sure that your NGO’s needs are represented…


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SCAD is seeking faculty for Design for Sustainability Department

SCAD seeks educators who are highly motivated, proactive individuals eager to be a driving part of future developments of this new program. The professor will encourage the development of a strong interdisciplinary design community across SCAD locations and collaborate with related academic disciplines and the local community.

Design for sustainability infuses social science methodologies into design disciplines. Through in-depth analysis of environmental, social and economic…


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Sustainability Goes Positive- But What's New

A new wave of sustainability strategies has emerged: the net positives. 2012 saw the launch of BT’s Net Good, IKEA’s People & Planet Positive, Kingfisher’s Net Positive,…


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Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr.; A Day On, Not A Day Off

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that acts of service were the great equalizer.  “Everybody can be great,” he noted, “because everybody can serve.”  That’s why Dr. King’s wife, Coretta Scott King, once said that "the greatest birthday gift my husband could receive is if people of all racial and ethnic backgrounds celebrated the day by performing individual acts…


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Decision Makers Prefer Global Brands for Sustainability Services

A global survey of 250 heads of sustainability conducted by independent analyst firm Verdantix finds that, in 2012, the highest brand preference for sustainability consulting was achieved by Ernst & Young, for sustainability assurance by KPMG, for sustainability software by Microsoft and in the not-for-profit category by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).…


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Entry-level sustainability jobs

Hi, I'm a recent graduate from Rutgers getting a master's in Sustainability Management at Columbia, does anyone know of any entry-level sustainability jobs out there?  Most job listings I come across only have "manager" and "executive" positions, but I don't think any of my past internships could prepare me for a position like that.

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One of my favorite things to do is observe people at networking events and large parties. I find it fascinating that almost without exception the people at these events gravitate towards people just like them. If you are a lawyer, you are probably talking to other lawyers, if you are in the film business, you are probably talking to other people in the film business, sports-sports etc. etc. Usually the only people there who interact with a wide variety of people, from different fields…


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The world’s population will be deceived again and again!

A known and a used phenomenon is that some people love to play with other people – but on the basis of greed, power, self-preoccupation and in some cases simple psychopathic behavior.---read more via this link:…


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Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value: Nominate programmes until 31 March 2013

Do you run an innovative programme in nutrition, water or rural development?

Nominate it for the Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value and benefit from an investment of up to CHF 500,000 (approx. USD 530,000)!

The Nestlé Prize in Creating Shared Value rewards innovative, commercially viable, and high impact schemes related to nutrition, water or rural development.

Specific fields of activity may include: agriculture,…


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