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HP’s Corporate Global Vision – STEM+ HP Catalyst Initiative

Alice Korngold’s Fast Company blog explores HP’s Catalyst Initiative, a project that currently connects more than 250,000 students worldwide to develop science, technology, engineering and math skills. The program enables students who lack educational resources to remotely conduct experiments, access learning tools and collaborate with other…


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What To Tell Your Kids About Online Piracy

Internet Safety for Kids & Families - Advice for Schools & Families From Trend Micro

By Lynette Owens


This past Wednesday, Wikipedia and many other online communities decided to blackout their websites for as long as 24 hours in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).  These two pieces of U.S. legislation are intended to…


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Are You Listening?


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Join Janice Warren and Mike Krzus at BrownFlynn's GRI Training!


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Business Sustainability House Cleaning Tips for 2012


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7 Reasons Why Online Tools Improve Workplace Giving

It's time for companies to change the way they invest their philanthropic dollars. It's no longer good enough to simply give money away. The entire process must create impact: for the community, the company, and the employees.

Community investments done poorly…


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Capillary Philanthropy: Businesses, local NGOs, and the future of aid

I often find that aid blogs tend to criticize much, offer solutions too little. Orietta L’Abbate, CEO of AAE Australia Inc., shares her proposal for the future of aid.

What do you think? Could it work?

And if the answer is no, you’d better be ready to offer your own new idea. Let’s hear it.


Large scale aid intervention in large scale disaster has shown its slowness and its inability to cooperate and effectively intervene in the Haiti 2010…


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Sustainable Communities - Seven Rules

Sustainable Communities are not easy, here are some tips:

1. Restore the streetcar city 

“Streetcar cities are characterized by easy access to transit, a wide variety of house types, and services and job sites very close at hand -- the exact elements of a sustainable city.”

2. Design an interconnected street system 

“Fine-grain interconnected street networks ensure that all trips are as short as possible, disperse congestion and are compatible with walking, biking…


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Rio+20 or Bust: Zero Draft of Outcome Document for the UN Conference on Sustainable Development Released


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2012 Climate Leadership Conference



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Business Partners for Resilient Communities Workshop To Be Offered On-Line Will Feature Rich Line-Up of Presentations

Few communities have been spared the consequences of the world's recent economic uncertainties. As awareness of economic inequities increases, many businesses have been surprised to find Occupy Wall Street picketers outside their doors.  Meanwhile, natural resources are dwindling and climate chaos is causing further disruptions. Faced with such challenges, resilient communities have the capacity to anticipate…


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Interviews, profiles and in depth reporting

Interviews, profiles and in depth reporting

Featuring interviews, profiles and in depth reporting of the most important issues that organizations and practitioners are facing today, The CSR Report provides a closer look into the world of CSR and Sustainability.



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Friday’s Poetic Pause: “Capacity Gap”

I wrote this in a moment of frustration, when it was clear to me that the capacity that needed to be built was not with local partners, but with upper management.

Are you building your capacity to prepare for what Dennis Whittle, co-founder of, terms the pending “democratization of aid"?  It's time for the ability and penchant to work with organizations of any size or type…


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A Common Expat Encounter readers may know that I’m a faithful reader of The Sun Magazine. A well-spun story in the December 2011 issue, “First Empty Your Cup” by Andrew Boyd, featured an account of a traveler in Japan. I thought the conversation from this selection would ring…


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A Look at Green Technology Predictions for 2012

Where will green technology take us in 2012?  Ecotech Institute is keeping a close eye on that very big question. We are constantly monitoring cleantech industry growth and innovation, and looking for ways to align our environmental sustainability curriculum with employer and marketplace demands. Every day we read up on the latest research regarding solar power, wind energy,…


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