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Hi Everyone,

I am the operation manager and co-owner of a Tour Operator Ecoconut Tours inc., ( ) in Mactan/Cebu devoted to developing ecotourism and responsible tourism in close cooperation with the local communities and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines.

Our Ecoconut Tour agency and our organized trips start from Mactan Island in Cebu, in the center of the Philippines and more precisely from Lapu Lapu City. The Ecoconut tours enable you to discover the island of Olango and its multiple facets, through various adventures and activities

The island of Olango and its 6 small satellite islands constitute an exceptional site, with 920 hectares of natural park having an importance of international recognition since 1992 (Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary) and 2 marine sanctuaries preserved and protected since the beginning of 2000 (Hilutungan Sanctuary Marine and Talima Sanctuary Marine).

Our tour circuits make it possible for our visitors to discover a preserved tropical island by setting out for the exploration of the “Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary”. Here it is possible to observe migratory birds at a site of exceptional beauty (in the presence of a guide), participating in activities such as swimming and snorkeling in the protected Marine zones. There is also a direct contact with the local culture thanks to the permanent contact which we have established with the local community (tasting of regional foods, possibility of staying one night in a local family, etc).

If you are interested or you need more information, don't hesitate to contact me.

Have a nice day.

Warm Regards,

- Matthias

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Thanks Marcus for your encouragements! Hope to welcome you here some days.. :-)


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