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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Filipino Inventor Ador Rosales has been granted Philippine Patents for his AWSU which automatically segregates Waste Biodegradables from Non-Biodegradables. Ador’s patented AWSU can process assorted garbage up to 100 tons per day - thus, eliminating need for Dumpsites/Landfills. His hygenic and automatic Waste Recovery System sorting-out Wastes into classified Reusables &/or Recyclables (i.e. re-processed into Organic Fertilizers, etc) would be not only Environmentally-friendly - but also, be an attractive Economic Proposition.

Given the above, we seek prospective JV Partners wanting to put up such facility in their respective country and who would provide 100% Project Funding. The Filipino Inventor is open to Licensing &/or Equity Conversion of his patented technology.

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