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The ''missing middle'' (Kauffmann, 2005)

I am looking for project options and research which support the ''missing middle'' expecially in small pacific island countries. This will be used to help inform an economic development strategy for an aid funded development programme.

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Do you have any types of specific projects in mind? I have a few projects available that I have written, but can also write others that one can develop.
I really don't know what kinds of inputs you are looking at, and I have no clue about small pacific island countries, but I can tell you about the Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Medium & Small Enterprises in India: The fund basically says that SMEs can avail of loans up to Rs. 5000000 (about US$ 100000) without the banks asking them for any collaterals or guarantees, and the Government of India stands guarantor for 75% of the loan amount.

In reality, no commercial bank lends to them without collaterals/guarantees, which are not reported to the government, thereby effectively ensuring that such loans have a double guarantee: one from the hapless small businessman who has been coerced into subitting "invisible" collaterals, and one from the Government of India. It's a win-win sitation for the banks, and the loser is the businessman.

We are very much at a straing pint in developing a programme to support SME. A stage 1 strategy attached is what exists for the moment and even this is in development.


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