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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Socially Responsible Investing SRI - Most Important in current Markets

Considering what is going right now, SRI is crucial. We need to make sure that we are only investing in stable, responsible companies.

It is important to be wary of corporate equity or debt that may support firms that leverage questionable labor practices. This is most prevalent in unregulated emerging economies where astronomical GDP growth is overshadowing labor issues that include high risk activities and child labor. Today, the returns coming from developing economies can cloud even the most grounded fund manager’s judgment.

Many international organizations and think-tanks are striving to keep pace with developing economies by creating new and updated labor indices to assist investors with ethical decision making:

- International Labour Organization Child Labour Database
- The US Bureau of International Labor Affairs
- Calvert Social Index (great for on-shore portfolios)

Please add any other great resources.
Thanks Dan

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Dear Dan,
With, at one end, the esrtwhile communist countries grappling with the nuances of their new-found capitalism and many of the existing so called communist countries morphing into capitalism on some pretext or the other, AND, at the other end, the stalwarts of capitalism still trying to fully understand the intricacies of capitalism, it is time we all thought of some via media where the goodies in both these systems, as well as a few other systems (like Gandhian Philosophy), could be looked at closely to find lasting solutions to the current problems of plenty and poverty.

As a microfinance practitioner of ten years standing I have been looking at Socially Responsible Investments with great interest and even had suggested to my employers at one stage to promote an SRI Fund based on the the grass roots experience in microfinance and their long standing experience in financial services.

Personally, as a student of agricultural sciences, I see SRI as a cross pollination of the two systems that I have mentioned above !

I am still in the lookout for a good website/ material which has an indepth study of SRIs. Maybe some of the members of the group could throw some light.



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