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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

I'm creating a survey to asses financial clients' use (or lack of) Social Media. What would you ask?

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Whether they are on LinkedIn AND which groups they participate in.
Whether they understand Twitter and use it for business (tricky to word that question)
Whether they use Facebook for business AND whether they maintain a fan page or host a group
What financial blogs do they follow

I'd like to see what you end up using! Cheers,
Thanks, Gary. I'll keep you updated.
Good points Marcus but what if they aren't using social media yet?
Perfect! Thanks Marcus. I owe you one.
Smart and clear policies here. Thanks Marcus, I'm sharing this too.
Hi, this article I wrote might be of use:

I think, to follow up on the points below, that social media needn't be a proactive thing - monitoring and listening is an important first step to participating. This way, you can invest resource in the most appopriate way - eg, rather than getting your staff to Tweet, it might be a better use of their time to encourage them to watch for references to the company on twitter, facebook etc...
Did you get the survey out? Any feedback yet?
The survey isn't out yet but should be operational soon. Oddly enough, some clients weren't interested.


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