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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Its very interesting question and an experiment, which is being carried out in Jharkhand, India. Villagers who own land below which there is huge coal deposit, resist the take over and displacement.
They have formed a company of their wn , every village member as share holder sand are now applying to the Govt for mining lease.
Many retired and some working engineers and mining people are there to support them.
They also plat to set up one 1 MW thermal power plant in their own village, so that they an light their own homes which is in dark even after 60 years of false promises by every one.
the caol from their nabourhood is being mined and sent to run power plants in the whole country and light the mega projects and Metros.
We feel that this may be a way to distribute wealth amonst the marginalised people and give new boost the the alternative Developement.

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