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Hello everyone. I'm new here, but I just wanted to tell you all that we at New Light [] (Calcutta, India), are in the process of setting up a 40-bed charitable AIDS hospital, for which land has already been purchased and a donor in Spain who does not wish to be named has committed Euros 70,000. Apart from looking for funds, we are looking for words of encouragement, ideas and suggestions!

India has a huge population of people suffering from HIV AIDS, and we already look after many of them in Calcutta, more so because taboos regarding AIDS percolate even into the medical community and state-run hospitals. There are innumerable instances of people being turned away from hospitals and clinics because they suffer from AIDS. Also, as awareness about AIDS is insufficient, even families of such people discard them.

A word of encouragement from each one of you will help us all to ensure that the hospital is up and about by our deadline of mid-2011.


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That's great! A very noble project. Perhaps you could set up some type of training/educational facility in the hospital to run parallel with it for those individuals that might recover enough to get back to some type of daily work? Just a thought...good luck!
Very inspiring work, I hope you reach your goal of being up and running mid-2011!
Thanks so much for your encouraging words. That's what we need!


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