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Erle Frayne Argonza

Good morning!

We just received a few days back the gladdening news that the Philippines, my beloved country of embodiment, garnered the 6th top rank among the best Gender Empowerment countries. This is no small feat, or is in fact a giant feat for a nation that is still struggling to get out of the clutches of its colonial past and born anew as a prosperous and mighty nation.

As the report says, the Nordic nations garnered the top posts, and half of the top 10 are Norse in nature. This is likewise a very gladdening news for a region (Nordics) that had for centuries been mired in low culture, authoritarianism, imperial expansionism, and predatory state practices.

Bro. Erle / Guru Ra hereby extends his Big Kudos to the Filipino women and to men as well for re-creating our society into a very gender friendly and liberated land for our women and other genders.


[17 November 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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I would like to extend my congratulations to The Philippines for its achievement in this area, and also to all over countries which achieved a high ranking.

What do you think have been the main contributing factors behind the success of your country in this area?
Thanks Andrew!

A long history. Before World War II, women can't even vote. When Spain was our Empire 'father', women were kept at home as housewives. When America came in 1900, the Anglo-Saxon modern woman who was civic oriented was introduced, though civic duties were something that women struggled for even during Spain' era here. I'd factor a strong women's rights current itself as the key one, which advocated for voting rights, maternity rights, employment rights, ...till came the radical women's streams of mid60s to 80s, these were very powerful streams.

In 1986 came the woman prex, Corazon Aquino. That to me signalled the end of patriarchy. Across all sectors, women were getting employed, moving up exec ladder. Corporate boards, state boards, civil society boards shivered and adjusted to the new demands, the new situation. There was massive dosage of gender education over the last 25 years too, and that's still continuing to penetrate employer niches. Family codes, civil codes, gender rights laws, now its reproductive health law, were approved and enforced with enormous zeal. Many men including myself were zealously pro-women, pro-gender mainstreaming. ...I was still young when I questioned this men-dominated priesthood in churches, this is the last bastion of the 'war' against gender discrimination. When we have women popes, imams, ayatollahs, more women bishops, I'd really clap my hands.

Just 100 years ago, UltraHigh Patriarchalism. Today, Gender Empowerment champ. It's possible, nothing is impossible. This is part of development.
Nice, congrats to the Philippines! Great to hear of the progress.
Congratulations indeed!


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