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Dear all,
Do any have a good idea on how and what to do by the Government and businesses in order to restoring lasting peace through an equitable means in this region?

I would readily answer any question to help make this input.

George Ansa Duke

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Through a quick Google search, I found a report titled: The Economy of Conflict in the Oil Rich Niger Delta Region of Nigeria. It provides a good background of the conflict. The paper "examines the interfaces between the Nigerian state, multi-national oil companies, the international community and youth militias with the economy." Here is the link.

Otherwise, there is always the Wikipedia background.
Hello Brad,
I really want to thank you for sourcing and introducing the link to the economy of conflicts in the Niger Delta region. Believe me who is on ground the problem havent known about a globally recognized report as these. I will also appeal to unconcerned humans around the globe to ensure in whatever capacity of theirs within and without them to outrightly advacate against the extinction of a people not necessarily in any particular place but everywhere else in other that we endeavour to keep the bond of brotherhood in humanity. Thank you sincerely.
Hello Tim,

The cause of the problem has been disquised to really look this way, the oil companies not regarding the peoples plights to adequately compensate for their destructive businesses on the environment as it affects the people has been what really the people responsible and system which they operate causing all the agitations and bad blood in these region larger populace has made the world to believe.
This is not to say that the Oil companies are completely exempted from playing a role in the overall picture of the region, but i have to apportion iconoclasmic contribution of all parties involved.

Firstly the oil company's contributions is for allowing, second and third parties bodies "(states and fed government" "Agency systems" ) who are not directly their environmental host hijack and divert their corporate social investment responsibilities meant for the communities which they do business in. The nation's governance system have made this possible to happen , but being that most of this oil companies are multinationals and from their experiences in other parts of the world or even as humans with conscience knowing rights from wrong should have made efforts to correct this ills, but rather compromised believing by eschewing their reponsibility would amass more profit but are ending up paying more.

Going through the various oil contracts, the fed government did not rigidly stipulate or present in anywhere the contractor or operators social responsibility directly to the land indigenes and their environment. The reflection of this should have been showcased in the oil companies EIA's report, but i must assure you both the state and fed regulatory agencies for these are neither willingly ignorant or unconsciously ignorant, for which any would draw up the question of "WHAT & WHO" sorts of individuals compounds those institutions or forms of education and certification they are posessed of.

Clearly the oil companies have understood this governance illness of weak policies and institution framework and pilots and in their bid to stand aloof and play safe only resulted to hypocritically makes of ostentatious atonement. All monies they've wasted as settlement to one political criminal sitting in one office at Abuja and State government house which suppose to be use in setting up infrastructures and other social amenities such as schools, hospitals, roads, parks and gardens, research laboratories, good roads, low cost housings, build markets, awrad scholarships, family support programs etc within the comunities which thier business operate was nothing but a gift to the devil.
Hence they became accomplice for sponsoring and supporting the oppressor's of their people.

The peoples Government are the causes of the problem while the oil companies acting out their bad scripts becames the effects. The oil companies cannot employ enough of the local people even though they make provisions for that, the question is how many workforce within a given community which they operate in can they employ?. Considering administrative capacities, skills for work force competence etc. So this provision though an important factor cannot contribute upto a 10% of the entire solution.

Your presumed believe is quite very true, that integration, "but holistic" and community initiatives are just the way out., and that the monies going to government gang-ups dosen't trickle down and even if it does will be for selective and oppressional purposes and not for the benefits of all.
Thank you George, that is excellent insight.
I would love to help you but i really don't have an answer for that one. Sorry.
I think one way is to get China more involved. The EU and US need to put more pressure on China.


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