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As per my recent blog post, the main reason I joind DC was to promote, the fair trade gift website I launched with Alison Lowndes and AVIF, and to network with like minded individuals. I have been a bit quiet over the last few weeks because of an exam I had to take but I am back with a vengeance, trying to build up the profile of the website.
We have very little budget to work with so most of the promotional activities I am doing are free i.e. myspace, Facebook, WOM, networking sites such as this one etc.
We are looking into using adwords and Facebook Marketplace and Alison is going to sell some of the items on eBay charity to rty and boost the profile of the site.
I would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions about what else we could be doing , esepcially those who have set up their own business.

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Probably not a great longterm suggestion but have you tried promoting it in different Yahoo groups ( relevant to the topic for quick awareness? Some of those groups are pretty active.
Thanks Brad, thats a good idea. Short-term is fine for now!

I had a very similar idea to help women and people with disabilities here in Nicaragua sell their Artisan goods. Indeed on my webpage for Inclusive Tours in Nicaragua I have a page called Artisan Goods, which, while this page is still under construction, eventually it will show the types of goods for sale. I am also working with the two disabled artists to provide PDF files of their work in English, Spanish and German with short bio's about them which can be easily emailed to contacts, family and freinds (I've attached the Spanish version for your interest, when I have the Englsih version finished I'll post it too). You could do a similiar thing with a bio of the family and create a full catalogue which you could email to fair trade high street shops and NGO's etc.

This can also be used as an attachment to email blogs that have an interest in a similar vein so that they can write about your work. You could also expand the "About Us" page on the site to include more keys words to make it easier for search engines such as Google to find the page.

Finally, you may want to think about setting up your own blog page about this that links through to the shop page. If you use Blogger or Word Press you can set up the entire blog to look like a webpage (see my page for an example). This gives you some advantages in that you can put a">Technorati and Claim ID button on the bottom of your site and then "Ping" it so that it registers with search engines, thus making it easier to find. Technorati also logs which other blogs are talking about your page and so you can see some of the incoming links.

I'm am by no means technical and you probably already know about this stuff, it's just a few things that I have used to promote my blog and new site for Nicaragua.
I agree with the blog functionality tip above (i.e. typepad, wordpress, blogger, etc.) to not only get fresh content to it but also increase interactivity. You could perhaps give updates about Michael Mwaniki, the business, the site, etc., and people might be drawn back to the constant fresh content.

Otherwise, Seth Godin has a nice list of tips to get more traffic to a blog/site. View the list here. Hope this helps at all.


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