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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Making a Sustainable World / CSR a Central Element of Your Corporate Vision - Case Study

This case study reveals how Johnson Controls has made “creating a sustainable world” a central element of its corporate vision.

It explores how Johnson Controls incorporated sustainability into its core values, and how the company has been executing its sustainability strategy through a combination of centralized oversight and decentralized autonomy. The authors explain how the company’s actions in this area map up against the five dimensions of high performance: growth, profitability, positioning for the future, longevity and consistency.

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Thanks Aimo--I'll take a look at this later!
It is great to see a company like Johnson Controls have such a great stake in sustainable development. I recommend everyone here on DC to take a read through this interesting case study. Being a slow reader, I'm only mid way through but so far the information I have read has been very interesting and valuable. I particularly enjoyed reading the snippet on the construction of the Johnson Controls lead acid battery plant in China.


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