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I would be very glad to introduce our company.

Please find some time to read as you may find our company interesting and may be we can have chance of working together.


We are headquartered at Bangalore, INDIA, we at Kanoe Softwares Pvt Ltd. Founded in 1999, the Kanoe Softwares Pvt Ltd is a recognized leader in the provision of the software solutions and services with more than 12 years of professional experience and practical engagement, culminating in 2880000 hours of professional service. 


With our prominent presence in India and offices across the country, as well as a strong representation in Hong Kong, China, Kenya  and London, UK, the Kanoe Softwares Pvt Ltd has established a strong constellation of companies with large, diverse customers operating in over 30 countries around the world.

With Kanoe Softwares, the companies can optimize productivity and gain a competitive edge to succeed in today’s business environment.


Please find the below details where we are expertise with :


i ) HR Management System

  a ) Time Attendance System : Based on Biometric / RFID  ( Card Swipe )

  b ) Customized Payroll

  c ) Other Modules Of HR Management System on Demand

  d ) Video Conferencing System

ii ) Security Infrastructure

  a ) CCTV

  b ) Access Control      

  c ) VTS (Vehicle Tracking System)

  d ) Other Customized Software


Other than these we have TABLETS with the fantastic features and specifications which is useful to all the organizations.

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