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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

Practical surveys and research have indicated that in many small and medium enterprises within the Caribbean, CSR is confused with PR and also strictly with corporate philanthropy.

What are your thoughts? Does CSR and public relations overlap, are they mutually exclusive?

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Certainly that has been my experience in Jamaica. The vital link to green and sustainability is not understood.
I see that CSR is not the same as PR, but CSR without using PR and other marketing communication methods do not work effectively and in a longer run. To take an other example; Sponsorship without Event Marketing, and Event Marketing without the support of other marketing methods and tools is Charirty.

Both Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Cause Related Marketing are strategic tools for positioning and differentiation. By using these tools, a corporation or brand can be connected and associated in a natural way with a charity organization or cause with matching values. The objectives can be to point out social responsibility and bilateral benefit. CSR is a great tool to show good corporate citizenship.

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For sure there is an overlap and corporate responsibility does more than to serve just PR for a company. One of the key drivers for a CR strategy maybe PR / reputation / brand and this is part of proving the business case to ensure CR activities are sustained and embedded into core business strategy and not seen as an 'add-on'. Sometimes the driver may be as simple as just wanting to do the right thing and the outcome may be positive PR. Either way there is a cross over but CR initiatives definitely have more to give than just PR.
I wouldn't underestimate PR as it is a much wider concept as many of us understand. I see that the most important point is that there are so many ways to do PR for FREE by using imagination and creativity - by Connecting the Unconnected.
as we discuss the importance of the overlap of PR, CRM, SR and CSR those involved with the ISO 26000 Standard are making a concerted effort to diminish the implementing of the new standard. If you read any of the literature the language is more of what it is NOT - rather than what it is.

Our work in education leads us to believe that the ISO 26000 Standards will be a great PR tool for Peace. But how long will it take?
" the China man rears his head - How Long"

what role might you and your organization take in bringing forth the ISO 26000 Standard into your discussions.




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