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hi...What an idea...of tribal villagers forming own company and setting up power plants

Friend, for me its an achievement of life time to be a part of group which has been resiting the take over of their home and agricuture land for mining and setting up of large power plants. Their displacement is never thought a srious issue by either Govt or multinationals, as for them, larger and larger is the only way of developement. With our idea of alernate developement and their willingness, an idea was formed 6 months ago, which is coming on ground.
A producer coal company is formed, where the tribal villagers are directors and share holders.It is properly registered company now. It is applying for coal block and permission to start their own mini thermal power plant. Every one expects resitance from Govt and agents of larger plants, but the prospect not to live their ancestoral house nd agriculture and do some new venture has given extra strength to the villagers.

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