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Thank you for joining Development Crossing! To facilitate the use of this network we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions below. If you have a question that is not answered, please feel free to send us an e-mail to contact(at)

1) Is there any fee for using this site? No, the site is completely free.

2) How can I find information on the site?
The homepage offers a good starting point to find information on the network with relevant links found under the "Community," "Forum," "Resources," and "News" tabs. Another option is to use the Advanced Search Feature, which will give you relevant results.

3) How do I edit my profile?
To adjust your profile click on "My Settings" in the upper right hand corner. The more information you provide about yourself, the easier it will be to connect with other members. However, we recommend that you do not provide very personal information (such as personal contact information) on your profile or members walls (you can send it directly via the messaging system if you so desire). You can fill out your location here.

4) How do I change My Page?
You can change the layout of your page by clicking on the "My Page" tab and then on the left select "Theme" under your picture. Now you can get creative and build your own page! Also, on your "My Page" you can click on "Edit" buttons to select how many events you would like to show. If you select 0 for Activity, Photos, Video or Blog Post it will become invisible from other members. You can also move different elements around by clicking on the top of the component and dragging it to another spot.

Please note that the network is an open network, which means outsiders can currently view the comments you make on your wall and others make on your profile. Thus, you're recommended not to provide very personal information on the comment walls (nor your personal contact information). If you want to provide a personal message to a member, click on his/her profile and click send a message via the internal email system. You can delete any comments on your wall by clicking on the to X to remove the post.

5) Will I receive Emails if I join the site?
As a member of the site you're in control of your account settings. Click "My Settings" on the right and then on the left "Email". You can choose to receive no Emails or establish customized settings. We suggest you have "Automatically follow discussions I reply to" checked off so that you can follow discussions you have replied to. We also send out a biweekly member update e-mail to all members of the network, which highlights some events, members and discussions, but you also have the option of unsubscribing from this once you receive it.

How can I create/contribute to a blog/discussion?
To contribute to a discussion click on the "Discussions" tab and pick a topic that interests you. You can create your own topic by clicking on "Start a Discussion" or respond to any of the postings by clicking on "Reply to this". To start your own blog click on "My Page" tab, then "My Blog" up top and click on "Add New Blog Post".

7) How can I help the site grow?
There are several things members can do to help the site grow, which include:

  • Invite Your Colleagues and Friends to Join- You can invite directly from the site by clicking on the Invite Page. You can import your e-mail contact books directly from Yahoo, Google, Hotmail or other e-mail programs, such as Outlook. You also can include a personal message why they should join Development Crossing.
  • Provide Suggestions how to Improve the Site (new ideas, materials, etc.).
  • Add a Development Crossing Badge to other Sites: Click here to get more information.

8) What happens if I see an inappropriate posting on the site and/or I am receiving inappropriate messages from a member?
Members that post spam (offensive comments, irrelevant/generic posts, etc.) risk being banned from the network. We ask that you please do not place such comments on the network or send unsolicited spam to members. We reserve the right to delete postings and/or ban members from the network that violate this policy.

Individuals also have the option of blocking messages from a particular member, simply go to their profile page and click on the "Block Messages" link. If you notice an individual has placed spam on the network, please contact us immediately at contact(at)

9) What is a Tag?
Tags are a simple and easy way to make searching easier by keyword. You can also click on any tagged items and view other postings with similar keywords. If you would like to make a tag longer than one word, please put it in quotes ("sustainable development").

10) Can I have my blog show up on other websites?
Yes. Click on the bottom of your blog on RSS ("Really Simple Syndication") and you can then add it to other websites.

11) How can I manage privacy settings for my Postings?
You can adjust your privacy settings at anytime by logging in and clicking on the "My Settings" link. You have the option of allowing everyone to see your postings (blogs, pictures, videos), or only your friends, or only yourself. You can also choose settings for each individual post you make. For example if you want your postings to be viewable by only your friends, choose that setting, but you can choose to set specific postings open to be viewable by the whole network.

12) What happens if I forget my password?
Go to the sign in page and click the "Forgot Password?" link.

13) Why is there some advertising on the site?
Development Crossing is a free-to-join network, but obviously there are some costs. As such, the site has limited ads from relevant organizations and companies to help us with some of the expenses. If you are interested in the services of particular advertisers, please feel free to explore them by clicking on the appropriate ad.

14) Can I share Information I see on the Network with Non-Members?
Yes. You will see a small "Share" link on blog and discussion posts, photos, videos and even on member pages. By clicking on it you will be able to write a short message and send the page to non-members.

15) Can I promote my website or network to other members?
Yes, however, while we encourage member interaction and sharing of resources, we ask that you don't use the site simply as a recruitment tool to drive traffic to your site. Several members have complained of such spam in the past and we have had to ban certain individuals because of it. Again, we reserve the right to ban members from the network who violate this policy. In addition, job vacancies can NOT be posted in the blog/discussion sections. They must be placed in the job section, please contact us for further details.

Please feel free to share any success stories from your time spent on the network. For instance, if you have made a new contact, collaborated on a specific project, found a solution to a particular challenge, etc., it would be great if you could share a brief summary of the experience. We are very interested in hearing about the true impact of this site!

Thanks again for supporting the network!

Development Crossing

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