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Dear Friends,

In my opinion this is the finest GIFT one can give to a group of rural poor on CHRISMAS,

Its a great pleasure for our small group to announce the inauguration of the
kitchen, restaurant and few counters for selling the handicraft
Products at Chandil on 25th' December'2005.

We are sure that this is the first fully community owned rural enterprise in Jharkhand
and only assisted by an organization which had practically no experience in Social Work. There has been no fund from Govt or any other department. MOre than 25 families will be getting self employment by such a humble effort.

My sincere thanks to all those who supported - Jharkhand Small Industries Association - Rural Enterprise development Project, Team , in making it possible.

Also those who cared to listen to me during my lonely and frustating evenings after my return from the project.

Please be there on 25th. If you can’t make it now, do visit Chandil to Enjoy this facility,

I am excited and will post potograph of the inaguration and the people who will be managing their own enterprise there,

Love you all,


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Nice, best of the luck with the inauguration. Looking forward to the pics!

Dear Friends,
Some photograph of how was it today.
The President JSIA, inagurated the facility and all of us including the large local group had lunch there.
We have also got some local products for them to sell there. One such product" Rishabh Bhujia" , the dealership of was give to them and the local girls slod the packets, to tourists for about 2 hours , with the lady who is making this product. The girls standing here are fresh and have not come out of their house till date for any work.

There are other products like Jharcraft products, herbal beauty products which are made locally and their representatives were there to discuss their products with local people.

We are sure that local girls and boys will sell these products to tourists and will run Resturant and kitchen for their benifits now.

It will be a mile stone in the Jharkhand tourism sector, as rural group is setting up their own enterprise, without any big corporate help or Govt help.

This project will give strength to our concept of rural community owned enerprise for self employment in tourism sector.



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