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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability

The economic downturn has forced companies to scrutinize all their investments. But curtailing investment in sustainability initiatives would be a mistake, Accenture believes. Sustainability is closely aligned with the critical success factors companies need to manage through a downturn—factors like “doing more with less,” returning to basics and investing prudently. On the basis of its proprietary research and extensive consulting experience, Accenture recommends that companies follow five low-cost sustainability principles to give them an edge in this troubled economy.
Source: Accenture

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Aimo, thanks for the comment and praise on my piece and this is a good followup to my discussion and blog posts on CSR, Sustainability and Restructuring Capital Markets. It would be great if someone like Accenture were to address the drain of capital from productive local resources to Wall Street and its affect on sustainability, but this takes a step in the right direction toward realigning corporate priorities. Didn't Accenture evolve out of Anderson? They may still be a little sheepish given some of their Wall Street history. However, this is a quality piece and does indicate that sustainable systems are being rethought and reformulated for more mainstream business acceptance and use.

Are you associated with Accenture?

Just a technical question on Development Crossing: How were you able to get the post in a featured position on the main page, or is it a random placement not under your control? Richard
Dear Richard.
Thank you for your comment. I actually saw the report under the Twitter tab on Development Crossing. I am not associated with Accenture, and yes they evolved out of Anderson. Accenture actually has a couple interesting reports. I am going through a couple and see if i can find some other good ones and post it here.
Re Technical question: To get a blog post or discussion featured I just sent an email to
Thanks for sharing Aimo, looks like an intriguing report.


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