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I have been Interviewed by Rich Brubaker, for his very interesting website: All Roads Lead To China.

The topic, as explained by Rich, is:
Over the last few weeks, I have been spedning a lot of timethings about the risks of China. More specifically the risks that either are not thought through, are thought to be too low to consider, or are believed to be removed by a third party relationship. It is a sitution that, as the interview below will show, is almost systematic in the outsourced manufacturing game, and was highlighted by the recent strike at one of Apple’s Suzhou based suppliers two weeks.

It was a strike that particularly frustrated me because Apple has had 3 or 4 other incidents in the past two years, and had in my mind simply not done anything to address the problems in a productive manner. So, I asked long time friend and labor compliance specialist Pierig Vezin (Founder and CEO of WethicA) to answer some questions for me based on his experiences in the field

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