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Company Green Electronics Scores Fall - Rankings

Greenpeace continues to tweak its Guide to Greener Electronics with the eighth edition of the ranking tool, now looking at energy issues along with chemical and e-waste criteria.

In the latest edition, only two companies score more than five out of 10, as opposed to the previous version, when 12 of the 18 ranked companies had more than six or seven points. Overall, companies earned higher points on their chemicals policies and few points on energy and greenhouse gas practices.

Sony Ericsson and Sony were the only ones with more than five points, and half the companies scored between four and five points. Microsoft and Nintendo find themselves at the bottom of the list with 2.2 and .8 points, respectively. Nokia would have taken first place, but it was deducted one point dues to staff not being informed about its product takeback services in India.

One thing keeping Nintendo so low is that it provides no or limited information related to the rating criteria. Greenpeace bases its rankings on what companies make publicly available in the interest of encouraging transparency and holding companies publicly accountable. Nintendo, according to Greenpeace, is the one company that has never responded to requests for information.

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Hasn't Apple always been criticized by Greenpeace for its lack of respect for the environment (due to the chemicals, etc.)? They are obviously a pretty successful company, which begs the question, does any of this really matter when it comes to electronics? Just asking...


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