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The LinkedIn EHSQ (Environment. Health, Safety, Quality) Elite group newsletter of 5 Sept 09 contained a link to the following article by Adrienne Mong, NBC News Producer, which seems relevant also for members of Development Crossing :

Desertification is of course not only a problem in Mongolia and China (the subject of the article) but in many other areas in the world. If we can develop solutions for threatened regions in N-America and S-Europe, these might be applicable also in developing countries.

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Very interesting, thanks for sharing. Given such a large portion of the world is affected by desertification, you would think there would be some best practice solutions out there somewhere by now.
If there are, I never heard of those. But I'm not an expert in that domain.
I would not be surprised if there are some solutions which are way too expensive for less wealthy countries. Some reactions on the referenced Gobi desert article were pointing towards nuclear energy in order to bring water to the desert. Ideally, one would like to see a cheap form of solar or wind energy as a source to transport water to the threatened areas. I guess that the western world still has to develop the technologies necessary for generating low-cost non-fossil energy in developing countries. Or am I mistaken ?
Interesting video here on "Greening the Desert":


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