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Can't we all think about alternative ways, as the age old ways are increasing the gap between haves and have nots. The rich are getting richer and people in large number are committing suiside as they are not able to support themselves or their family.
The first idea which comes to my mind is that let people decide about what is good for them, istead of people sitting in capital of the country deciding what is good for the general population. GANDHI ji adovocated the idea of village impowerment and I read the address of Presidential Democrate condidate of USA Mr. Ohama telling in his speech that the thng to do should be told by peopel and not from Wasington.
Can we atleast think on these lines? There will be very strong oposition from the people in power as they are the only benificiery of the old system.

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Hie Ravi

I prescibe to your idea of finding alternative development strategies centred on home grown initiatives as the first port of call. It ideal that people should decide what is good for them at any time whenever decision making is done especially such decisions wich have negative consequences to the public. I believe all this has somrething to do with democracy and good governance. If the few people in the to[p leadership in any government of your choice operate within the framework of democratic principles, surely the development you envisage will be achieved.

In a democratic society people will always be the advocates for their own destiny and the vice versa is true in an authoritarian political system. lets look at the Democratic republic of Congo, there are rich minerals but the most beneficiaries are aliens than indigenous Congolese. Why is it like that? Personally as a Human Right advocate I can quickly point out to poor governance and democratic arrest. If the Congolese were really enjoying principled leadership, there wouldn't be all the trasgedies we here time and again. Further, check who cultivated the seed of democratic arrrest where people could not emancipate themselves economically, politically, socially etcetera, its Mobutu Sese Seko.

Now look at my country Zimbabwe, the Mugabe rigime is making a statement calling for indigenisation of various soci-economic and political activities. However, this is leading the country astray. I will continue.................
I have been thinking that in general the behavior all our international organisations and governments have is a non flexible posture. Meaning that the Western world does not want to understand different cultures and countries' evolutions trying to impose their values and views in Islamic countries for example, making the cultural clashes even bigger, reinforcing the idea of not understanding what is different from us and what we think and the fatuous idea of wanting to eliminate differences in favor or a homogeneous world.

My question to you would be: would you agree that there is not such a one formula for all countries? and that the international community needs to give room to different cultures to develop their own governments as long as they respect human rights and the rule of law? I strongly believe that democracy is not the only way and that countries like yours should be left to come up with tailored forms of government as long as they respect what I just mentioned.


Thanks for applying your mind to my post. I agree that there could not be one formula for every country, but the main priciple can be common. I think if, my reply is taken in neutral sense, I can say that any religion, whether Islam, Christian, HIndu, Budhism or else should be practiced by indivisuals in their own home and not propogate it any where.
The religious teachings should be kept open to all and indivisuals should have option to decide about it, as RELIGION is supposed to tell you how to make your life peaceful. I can't tell as to what will make your life peaceful. Forcing any rituals or practice should be denied by all. Most of the problems will be over if such a common independence is spead in the whole universe. Culture is something else and it can never deny peace to others. Its only the religious part and the preachers or self stylled religios leadermay confuse the world because they would like more and more following for their benifits.
I think we may continue this discussion if you feel that my reply is not proper to your question.

I think you have said something very important about individuality and independence. Since the beginning of the human as a thinking being we have always been in groups and we have always being lead/managed or controlled by someone. We are so used to follow and told what to do that it costs a lot to brake with those habits. In a religious sense I agree with you, it does not make sense that there is only way way to communicate with "God", it's illogical to think that we cannot find our own ways to have the kind of contact and spiritual evolution that accommodates our needs. But again, we need common grounds and common rules and widely accepted ideas (at least that is what we think)

In a political sense I can tell you that independence and empower of people also takes a long long time. For example: where I come from (Mexico) we have always been known for having governments that do everything for us, protective-like governments. When at some point we have had the chance to have a president that tries to intervene less then all the population calls him "weak" and lack of power and stuff like that, which only reinforces the idea that we are not even culturally ready to take our own decisions and lead the way.

There is not a simple straight forward solution and throughout our human history there has always being someone making decisions for us: from Greeks to monarchies and even now with our so called "democratic governments". So no wonder it has taken a long time to shift power from the top to the bottom, not only because those in power want to keep but those at the bottom (us, populations) have never been given that kind of opportunity and it scares ones, corrupt new ones and in general makes things far too weird compared to what we are used to live.

Jess !

Its great to communicate on a topic which is of common interest. Can we imagine a world where no one wishes to dictate ! Every indivisual is allowed to think of his like as his own !
I am sure that good people would have many things in common, like- respect feeling of others, dont heart any one, try to make next person happy, share the joy- sorrow with person next to you, try to become part of a global family.

In my opinion many of us would like to be just like that, but the virtual world created by some gready people. where more and more needs are created every moment, has spoiled our thought. In India, you can still find majority of people who work as daily wage worker with wages just sufficient for 2 meals, and be fully satisfied. They dont need any sleeping tablets or any training for skill improvement.
After all what do you need from life ? Its a very important question! Happyness is a very complicated word. A person who is earning 1 million per month has to take slipping pills for sleep and one person who earns 1/2 USD after hard phisical labor- has sound sleep and is in happy frame of mind.
I hope my lenghty posting does not bore you. Please do forgive me for my lenghty posting but do respond as I find your sensitivity towards human being prominent.

I also agree wth you that this forum is great for sharing ideas and get constructive criticism.

I'm doing a project for my masters and I started with the question: how can we learn to open our minds a bit more in order to accept others? and by these I'm thinking in their most extreme situations (extremism in religious terms, foreign policies like Bush: if you are not with me then you are with the enemy) at the end of the day - I'm sure you will agree with me- we live in a world that does not accept differences, we always want to impose our views and opinions and the Western world seems to think that they have the best values and solutions for the whole world and that what they call democracy and capitalism is the only or best way to go.

However, there is something that I've been thinking a lot: in the film our friend recomends -the zeigst flm- they say that humans are not greedy and bad by nature that this is due to the society and conditions in which we currently live, but is it? I am sure we have plenty of historical examples down to the very first cave men that were conquering each other, or even my loved ancient civilizations Mexican were also doing that, it wasn't enough that they have resources they wanted more =leading to invasion, war. Just like it seems still is today. So I repet the question: is it human nature then? i believe so, even in the Catholic bible they say that Adan ate the apple cause he wanted more wanted knowledge, all the paradise wasn't enough so he ate the fruit. And in other religous they all seem to try and help us with the greed and things like that, so what do you think?

I cannot honestly believe we can have a world like we all dream about, there is always someone different, always someone that will not agree, after all caos is a universal law. Maybe we also have to give up the idea of a perfect world in which nothing bad happens and every one is happy, in which humans will not have to anything but that does not make sense, down to the smallest animal on earth life is fucking hard, you either hunt or are hunted and survival is the most critical need so why we humans think we would escape the same laws? We are still fighting for survival, we are still trying to secure natural resources, etc. we are no different from any other species in that sense. I believe that until we find a way to cover all our basic needs in a way that we do not have to fight each other, then we will be a different and more advanced specie. Until then we are no better than any other animal that kills to eat.

All i'm sayng is that is ridiculos to think that we will have a homogenous with same people and sae behaviours, it simply does not make sense Ravi, I would rather acknowledge this and work towards a more realistic world in which we gradually work towards impoving our conditions without forgetting that there will always be exeptions and that problems will always surge, after all what the human will be without problems? that is what we are best at: solving problems.

Jessica !
Well you are right ! The world if becomes full of very nice and sharing people may be boring too. The balance can only be achieved when wrong and right live togather. But most of us have to become sharing, caring and large hearted to make this wolrd a better place to live in.
Greed, fear, terror, supression are part of nature and atleast we can try to counter it.

Wow, I'm glad you agree! I'm surprised to be honest, you seem very enthusiastic :)

But again, if we are to counter our worst defects that are part of our human nature: how? I think this is a very old question with lots of solutions given throughout time:
laws and governments
culture and traditions
prejudices, etc

so far nothing has work, and ultimately if we accept that we are by nature greedy, fearful, and so on, that means that we will not only be able to change it (that would literally be something different than what we are, we would not be humans).

Example: i've always had a tendency to super analyse everything around me and be a bit pessimistic. Even when I have been trying so hard for so long I still find myself doing it! you can ask any pshicologyst and they will tell you the same: we cannot change we can only dream to control ourselves and that is a never ending attempt, its an effor that you have to make all the time, just like peolple that are tryig to give up drugs, they will have to fight against it for the rest of his lives.

In addition, this kind of changes have to be personal as we know but it seems that we all agreed to impose them on each other! we impose control via laws and religion and all those things I mentioned before. So we clearly need stops and someone else to force us to behave otherwise we would not stop the worst of us.

Something else that comes with the topic of having to change something in ourselves is: all the frustration it brings and again: IS NOT ACCEPTING WHO WE ARE. I have lived this personally, it's a hell to not accept or like who you are, it's like declaring war to yourselve cause you are not up to the standars and we will never be, once we get to the goal we want more, we want to be better and there is never an end. We not only want to have money, once we have it we want a better life, be healthy, have a better family and standards of conduct. Humans always want more and even if we get to our dream (cooperation, clean energy, no injustice, etc) then we will want something else.

What do you think Ravi? how do you live your fight? do you consider that you are the kind of person that you would like to be? and if you are not, what is stopping you? and i'm not talking about money or what is going on in your country, i'm asking personally.

Jess !

I am facilnated with your frank and clear views.
Your querry has started an avalanche of thoughts inside me. I am not very sure how do I live my fight or what short of person I would like to be.
May be because I had no parenting in child hood and lived in a typical Hindu joint family where on the surface every one was treated same by the head but silentely favour their own sons and daughter. I became withdrawn and concentrated on my studies and when ever hurt, cried silentely alone. Did not had much faith in God then ,as I could not understand as to why any God can leave me alone like this without father , mother, brother or sister.
I always tried to show that I have no complaints but did have lot of pent up anger and frustation for the things beyond my control.
Right from childhood I had symphathi for people on the margin , socially and financially, but always felt that if they come forward to fight things will improve as I am trying to do. Fortunately I could achieve an masters engineering degree , start my own successful (as per Indian Standard) entreprise, and got above a general level ,financially or socially, but the anger remained.
I am 60 now and still trying to find out as to what I want from my life. In our traditional family system you do not get much time for philanthropical thinking till your kids are all settled and married. I have an elder son who has marginal mental disorder , a daughter who is well settled as IT engineer and happily married.
As God has been punishing me since child hood, and in the same chain I lost my youngest son- 23 yrs old last year. Since then I have been trying to bring my life to the track by trying to be with group of tribals who need support in every field. May be because of my sensitive nature I felt same pain when I read about the death of 2 tribal men by hunger this week in my state. I just feel like reaching out, snatching everything from the rich and distributing it to the fellows who are dying of hunger.
Some how since I lost my child I have started reading spiritual books too, as I am not sure why wierd things are happening around me. Can I get an answer to this in my books ?
I had never wanted much money but always wanted an easy life with happy family and friends. I dont enjoy big city life and wish to live in a society where needs are little and people are not competing with each other for climbing the success ladder. But even in smaller town people are trying to copy metros life and greed is on increase. It used to be better 20 years ago, when pepole wre simple, needs little, sharing each other problems( even if on surface), and helping others. We Indians believe that what ever you do in this life will have an impact on your next rebirth. As per my Hindu belive I should blaim every misfortune or fortune of this life on my deeds of past life.

I dont know, whether it was right to trouble you with all of my problems, but it seems you have touched some nerve which prompted me to go on and on with my sentiments. I have never been so open in my life to discuss my thoughts which may be laughed out. Do forgive me and have patience while reading it.


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