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Do you think you have earned enough for you and your family- to look for people around you

We are promoting Tribal Village population to form group and manage their own entreprise in tourism and other allied areas near their village.
This will address the problem faced by Tribals in India living near forest and mining land. They get displaced and are completely lost, even after getting compensasion, as they are un-educated and ignorant about the modern norms.
We have started one such group with 260 members and they have taken rights for fishing and tourism in the very lake of Dam which displaced them 15 years ago.

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Hi Ravi ........ Greg O'Neill here. I would like to discuss this enterprise of yours with the displaced tribals of India, I'm certain there are far more displaced folk than those you presently are working with. My friend, Kerrie Wilson , is forming a PV India project and would be someone to contact regarding your present efforts. -- I'm hoping to connect with tribals who would like to work with me to promote planting of Moringa species in India, as well as raising other
plants of value in a Permaculture-based system around ecovillages setup in the midst of the planting
beds for groves, orchards, around them. --- If you visit my site you will see what my group has in mind to do in many countries, working with people who feel as we do that the grassroots approach is the best way to introduce eco-friendly technologies, and systems, that work with nature, enhancing plant growth and health organically. --- Greg
Hi greg! Thanks for the reply. Yes the idea is wonderful.
To give a brief about what we are doing at tourism site to increase the income in Horticulture,
1. The Tribals are trained and given financial assistance to plant fruit bearing trees of Govava and Mango, in a way that the space between trees are used to grow vegetable. This gives them earning from the very first year from vegetable, 2nd year from Govava and after 5years from Mango. There is a Central Harticulture Institute which assists me in doing this work as I am a mechanical engineer and completetly ignorant about plantation.
Recentely we had invited a plant sceintist who showed a product called NANO. This too is similar to the plant you are talking about. They had promised that they will assist in plantation and buy back the fruits. This will give atleast 3000 USD per acre to a villager after 4 years and trees will last for 40 years.
The basic problem is that the tribals here have been deceived by our so called developed soceity so much that they do not have faith on anything new. It will take some time for them to go for non-traditional things, like medicinal plants.
A project where we took our villagers, Lemmon Grass has been planted by community in 50 areas, open land. The group was quite impressed, but wished to see the result, first before planting it in thir field.
Our idea is to plant such trees in the begining which if not sold out side can give them and their children food of nutrition value.
Is the product you are talking about is patented? If yes where and by Whome? Even I am a bit scared of multinationals social projects. Any way we will discuss it further and see if it can be implimented here at a later stage.
Where ever I am working for tourism project there is huge land available with large idle manpower, eager to work for the welfare of their family and villages.
Dear Greg,

Please send me the details of PV India project and Moringa.
Since I replied to you, I had a discussion with another group where we are going to work. It seems some of the youth are ready to listen to new ideas.

I just had a quick look at your slide show and was quite impressed. It sounds like a very worthy and valuable project and I wish you all the best.

I'm curious - I have heard that many Indian villagers lost their land to forestry and mining companies. Is the situation improving these days? Are there many cases where villagers either do not receive any compensation at all or receive inadequate compensation?


Thanks for your sensitivity. Yes you have heard right. Most of the people who were displaced earlier were not consulted and mining or large companies got the Govt agencies on their side to push them out on promise to give compensation. Many of them have not received any thing since last 15-20 years.
The project where we are working was envesided in early 80s. more than 160 villages were vacated without any idea as to what is being done to them. Out of 20000 affected and about 16000 displaced people hardly 3000 people got compensation. We appreciate the unity of the tribal villagers there, who formed a group and faught govt and contractors lobby, to get the fishing rights and tourism rights to earn a respectable living and this spirit has encouraged us to support and work with them.
Village people and mostly tribal are very simple and they do not know the word like project or compensation, displacement. But contineous hit on their living has forced them to opose the land aquisition in this part now. They are forming groups to protect their rights to live peacefully and few of us are with them.
Can you believe it ? The project for which these people were displaced 15 years ago has not been completed yet ! The huge lake is built with 10 times more capital than projected yet the channel is not open for about 2-3 kms, so water is stagnent in the reservoir, and no irrigation benifits or hydel generation is being done.

Sounds shocking.

Nevertheless, it's encouraging to hear that many of those who are displaced are forming action groups.

As individuals, these people have little clout. But as a group, such people may stand a chance of being taken seriously.
Well the fight is still on. With globalisation speading wings in India and good marketing people selling the idea of larger the better(large Malls and more & more production in larger and larger plants), the traditional Indian society is under tremendous pressure. It is in a very critical stage and village folks are most vunerable to corporate greed. I hardly see any corporate thinking about social structure or degradation of environment here.
We are more effected as most of the ore deposits are here in our state and all steel/ cement/ower houses are looking for their share. With corrupt political system and beaurocrates, it is easy to defy laws and deny the rights general population.
HI Andrew!
I have visited a meeting of tribal group which is oposing the evacuation for mining and setting up of power plant. You can see some photos and my posting on my page.
I just wonder, what should be the model of developement. More and more energy consumption, depletion of natural resources, displacing people from their home without thier concent or letr every one live his/ her own life. Its very interesting and disturbing topic. These tribal people are fighting the Govt as well as people mesmerised by glabalisation.
Dear Andrew,

Please read the report of an US reporter on displacement in India,which I have posted on mu discussions.

Yes my friend you are absolutely right. People one world are dieing due to hunger and people of other world are making boms to kill naked hungry and open harm people in the world
Killing by boms is not as dangerous as changing the ways and thinking of masses. The Asian society has bene living in peace and community. The marketing of multinationals have changed our youth to think that money and worldly luxery is the only real thing in this world.
Now youth is forgetting the age old culture and believe and jumping into the band wagon of materialism.

please forward to me your personal e-mail - I have Rosanas and our team is developing.

I need you to identify the resources of the 260 and the needs.

our team is developing as we speak.




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